Friday, October 1, 2010

A black and gold kitchen

I had torn this kitchen out of Elle Decor a few years back -- it seems to be from September 2008(!) -- because I was going through a "paint the kitchen cabinets black" phase. I like how the cabinets are glossy black, with gold molding. I was surprised at how well mixing the gold and stainless steel worked, too. The pink backsplash (Benjamin Moore Pink Mix) was surprisingly but warms up a room that could otherwise be cold and stark.


Kayte said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog.

Having recently purchased a Victorian home I'm working hard on taking it from the previous owners love of floral into something a little more steam punk.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Lynne said...

I really like the black with the stainless! The pink, not so much. Thanks for the post.

Mr. Flannery said...

Pink and black, all you need is a poodle skirt. I like the black and stainless, but neither the pink nor the gold trim make it for me. I finally did my 1st prototype Mad Scienctist Lamp this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

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