Monday, September 13, 2010

Resto in the Fall

A number of you asked if I'd seen the fall Restoration Hardware Catalog. I had! I just took me a while to get this post together. Here's my favorite rooms from the catalog, and some of my favorite pieces.

I love the cast iron trolley lights. I actually have two tractor seats like these on my front porch (a thrift shopping score!) -- as cool as they look, Ben hates them because they aren't that comfortable.

Setting the coffee table on a wood pallet is a neat trick -- I love the interplay of materials: wood, stone, leather.

I've liked armillary sphere chandeliers for a long time, and this one is no exception. Don't miss the brass hour glasses. All this room needs is a telescope in the corner by the window to be the very comfortable lair of an amateur astronomer.

For my specific picks, I've put together another Kaboodle list:


Tales of Whimsy said...

Gorgeous finds! I like the pallet trick too. Maybe I should try this to add some depth/layers to my room.

Unknown said...

Im going to have to go check them out. Great post. I drool over those pendant lights in the kitchen.

Oldfool said...

You people must live where there are no spiders or other small nest builders. You must also not have dust.
I love the look but in a months time it would be nothing but webs of every design and covered in a layer of dust.
Even in a closed air conditioned environment it would take a full time cleaning bot.
By the way, the dust I have here only comes off a rough surface like pallets with a presure washer.

Carrie said...

I seriously covet those trolley lights, I have been drooling since I got my catalog in the mail!

Lynne said...

RestoH. has outdone themselves this year, I've never found so many likeable pieces! In the photo with the trophy heads/horns, I noticed all the books are turned with spines away, showing just the cream pages and keeping the neutral palette. I didn't like the idea when you wrote about it earlier, but in this photo I get it. Thanks for a lovely post!

Rain Barrel Collector said...

They've arrived? I requested a catalog months ago. I'll get a spear and prod them.

Oldfool - Good idea, if the cleaning bot has a lot of brass and can clean itself.

Kimmy said...

Definitely a pain in the arse to clean.. looks great but holy spider hell.

Just got my catalogue!

Crystal said...

Wow thanks for sharing!


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