Sunday, August 8, 2010

Liquid Lights

One of the things I love about steampunk is that it blends opulence -- antiques, velvet, dark saturated colors -- with industrial roughness. These lights by Tanya Clarke are a good example -- she combines recycled plumbing pieces with hand sculpted glass drops and lights the whole thing with LEDs.

Whimsical and fun!

Find more at Liquid Light.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh my gosh!
These are fantastic!
I totally love them!

Art Donovan said...

Really great!
Dramatic and with a sense of humor.
Thanks for the post :)

deborah from collagewhirl said...

These are wonderful! I posted them on my blog today. Thanks for sharing!

Crescent Moon said...

I found the website beautiful, but confusing. Can normal people buy these?

no said...

Wow! These are wonderful.

Doctor Grymm said...

These are a great find. However oddly enough I found This site shortly thereafter... Immitation/flattery and all that rubbish!

peppelorum said...

This looks like condoms filled with water, nothing more actually.

Kimmy said...

Wow coming to comment and see my buddy Art!!

I have never seen lights like this in my life. Maybe I live in a cave. These are extraordinary!!

Rafael Morgan said...

Just another copy of my Light Drop design, from 2007.

Good luck with your "creativity."

Rafael Morgan.

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