Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amanda's Before & After

Remember Amanda's living room? The one I brainstormed a "makeover" of? Well, Amanda's finished it now (as much as any room is every done), and she has done an incredible job.

Here's what it looked like "before"

And here's some "afters"

One of the best things she did -- I don't think I would have been this brave -- was to paint the floors. Dark.

Such a big, dramatic change.

Good job, Amanda! If you want to find out more, she has a lot of posts about the process -- including her very tight budget -- here.


Unknown said...

Love it! Especially the floors. To me, there is something so much more inviting and cozy about a darker room. Great job Amanda!

Alicia said...

What a fantastic job! I especially love the white sewing table as a desk. And the whole thing's a testament to how much effect paint can have on a room. Excellent!

Dropthatwand said...

Wonderful! Your guests will never leave. :D Love that big key on the wall. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynne said...

It's warm and charming and has a lot of interesting things to look at...really nice! I like that Amanda decorates well on a budget. Much as I love so many beautiful steampunk-esque types of decor, not all are realistic financially. Lovely!

Eileen said...

Awesome. The dark colors are beautiful, but it still looks like there's a lot of natural light.


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