Monday, February 1, 2010

Maps as Wallpaper

I've got a map urge today -- it's never very far away frankly, and it's one of those design elements my husband Ben will also go for (as opposed to skulls, for instance). I found these two rooms via Design Crisis.


I've had these images from a very old issue of Martha Stewart in my inspiration file for a long time.

For an especially affordable set of large maps, check out the USGS maps of your locale. For $8, you can order maps of any location that are around 6 square feet.


geek details said...

I think if my current house was one I wanted to live in for awhile, I'd have a room with map paper. That just looks spiffy!

AEC said...

Another option is views of cities available at Historic Urban Plans ( Some are quite large. The image of Paris in 1739, for instance, 38" x 49". There's a world map from 1816 that comes in four sheets and measures 44" x 62". They also have quite a few Victorian era city views. And most are around $10, which is very affordable.

Jen said...

I collect maps. Once I saw a magazine article about a lady who pasted them to her ceiling. I would LOVE to put mine on the wall but not until I'm in a permanent home. We do have a large world map on our living room wall. The former tennents of our loft left it there. It's marvelous and provides hours of dreaming :)

Raven said...

That's so cool! I love maps too! Especially old ones.

Robin Lemke said...

Wow, I love that!

J. said...

Why, what a simply charming concept! I do believe my wunderkammer might soon be getting a new ceiling treatment. I am tired of looking at that horrid spray-on drywall material they use on semi-newer homes. Thank you for sharing this!

Prof. J. Odderwall Costom

Jaime Rogers said...

Love this! Thanks AEC for the great resource, I see this in a future client's home;)


Laura {Gypsea Tree} said...

Love your blog and love this idea! I've slowly been turning my longest hallway into a map gallery, but this is really wonderful!

the fallen angel social club said...

map wallpaper looks rather wonderful I must say !

best wishes


Completely Coastal said...

The ceiling one is really neat! I love the look, just don't want the work, ha.

Maya @

Tales of Whimsy said...

I've always loved maps as wallpapers :)

Lisa said...

Before we could afford tiles in our kitchen, I papered under the cabinets with old British OS maps of Shropshire (where we live). Now I've seen your blog, I think I should go back to the maps and ditch the tiles.

By the way, I wish we had as many sources for buying wonderful items here in the UK as you do.

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