Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Hook Lady

Kelley was kind enough to share this find with me -- The Hook Lady, a store selling (mostly) hooks, of various kinds, styles, and sizes, all at affordable prices.

I'm not sure what you'd do with it (display it on a mantel?), but I liked this Victorian hand.

These are shelf brackets, repurposed to frame a window --- what a clever idea. You could do this to define and separate spaces in the same room, too. (Say an entryway and a dining room.)

Amusing, if a bit risque, signs!

The best finds are the hooks, however. Big ones, little ones, ones that swivel, brass ones, horse ones, mermaid ones.... There are so many, you'd surely be able to find something that suits. I'm contemplating using some for towel hooks in the new upstairs bathroom.


  1. The hand is a glove mold, my Mom has a set of antique ones at home.

  2. I'm going to have to follow that hook link in a bit, I've got many a project that those might be quite useful for.

    Not exactly what they are meant for but style steamy and cool.

  3. I've seen glove molds -- or similar castings -- used as a place to store rings, or keychains, or other things that can be looped over/between the fingers. I've also seen one very 60's bathroom where the soap dish and towel holder were cast hands -- not something you wanted to encounter in low lighting if you hadn't been warned.

  4. Love those signs! They would look awesome in my eclectic bathroom. Thanks for sharing.