Monday, February 16, 2009

Tria Giovan Photographs

Tria Giovan is a NY based photographer specializing in interiors. I stumbled across her work and thought there were some you'd like.

Copper bathtub, Gothic window -- it might be chilly to bathe in, but it's beautiful.

More Modern than what I usually like, but the light fixture, the industrial vanity, the artwork and the tub all add up to something special.

A great naturalist's collection.

Another modern setting -- but take note of how the early aeronautical diagrams and displayed over the bed.

I have a weekness for wood and white, and I love these stools.

all images from Redcover, if it isn't obvious.


Unknown said...

Hey, I lurk around your blog and love it!

I just wanted to say, copper bathtubs are AMAZING. The thing about copper is that it doesn't disburse heat very well so any hot water you pour in a tub stays hot for a very, very long time. So (providing that they drew a nice hot bath) bathing in that little alcove probably wouldn't be that chilly, so long as they kept their shoulders low enough in the water.

bete-noire said...

beautifully done. just looking at them is like pouring cool water over your brain.

Unknown said...

Bathtub. Window. Occupant either has little body-shyness, has significant stretch of property between them and neighbors, or has gotten very good at moving smoothly between towel/robe and tub...

I like the idea of combined soak in sunlight and water, but I'd still be inclined to frost or curtain the lower part of that window.

(And unless it's a highly insulated window or warm climate, downdraft in winter is going to be ... interesting.)

Lynne said...

There's a number of gorgeous things in these pictures. I especially love the sconces on the naturalist wall. Thanks, Sara!

Carmen said...


I came across your blog while googling 'steampunk'. I have recently discovered I have been a fan of steampunk all my life and didn't even know it!

I love your blog! It's given me so much inspiration and ideas, I can't wait to try some of them!

Catherinette Rings said...

Very nice blog . I'm keeping this in my favorites .

I plan to move to a large loft in a few months and your blog will be my source of inspirations .

I also agree that steampunk is not only about items that are made of brass and gear . That's why i have designed my own style of steampunk jewelry that is not the usual watch movement glued on an adjustable band.

As many have already noticed the bathtub is amazing . I can only imagine how long it would take to make such an extraordinary piece .


KP said...

I am so wow at that naturalist's collection, with the antelope horn magnifying glass(!!!) and those gorgeous shadowboxes and the carved table beneath them.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Art Donovan said...

Hi, Lady Sara,
Where art thou? Great posting here. Beautiful designs

asher said...

Hope everything is going well for you. Haven't seen any wonderfully steamy home stuff from you lately!

Amy Skidmore said...

Wow... you always have such great posts. I found a website you might be interested in. I was looking for diy instructions for reupholstering an antique chair and found this site.

daysease said...

That window is gorgeous, and I love how they put the copper tub beneath it. Very attractive set up. Though I would be cautious about bathing in front of a window for obvious reason. But I would love to almost bathe "under the stars", too... while freaking out about satelites catching a glimpse of too much. Okay, nope, bathing in front of window is not my thing. still love the setup. And, I love those stools!!


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