Monday, November 10, 2008

Wire Cage Lights

If you've spent any time at RadioGuy's website, these will look familiar.

At $1000 and up, I suspect you could dig some out of your grandfather's shop or find them at a flea market and rewire them yourself.

From Rewire via ReModelista


juanan said...

Great blog!
I friend of mine have made steampunk look clocks

Unknown said...

Another alternative would be to make up your own cages for off-the-shelf sockets. A bit of brass rod and brazing would do the trick. You might even be able to get away with a high-temp epoxy, as long as nobody looks too closely.

Theo Crowne said...

Or more steampunk than epoxy use jewelers or light copper wire and then paint the wrapping wire with flux and apply heat and solder to fuse the wire for a more sturdy connection.


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