Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hidden Technology

In many steampunk novels, technology is both ubiquitus and unnoticeable. Nanotechnology means many advances are done at a molecular level. Aesthetics demand that devices be disguised as age-old compasses and watches. How then, can we go about creating a steampunk home in a world where technology is both ubiquitus and definitely noticeable?

I propose a very simple solution. Hide it.

For your most bulky of items -- your workstations and servers -- a popular option for many people is a computer cabinet. I found this lovely one at Newport Nautical Decor.

Closed, it looks like a very large rattan travel trunk.

Open, it reviews leather and brass accents, with room for a tower and a monitor.

There are other, less expensive ways to hide your technology. In our home, for instance, there are no phones. Phones belong to people, and reside in our waistcoats or purses. Stereos for playing music are encased in a wooden cabinet with doors, only to be opened when we want music. A laptop is toted around for our computer needs, with our larger installation being hidden back in an out of the way office.

Hiding your technology is one relatively simple way to keep the interruption, the noise, the distraction of our modern technology from inadvertently interrupting your domestic tranquility.

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The Professor said...

I am currently building a laptop case which is designed to look like a victorian lapdesk. I will send pictures as the project progresses. For a fast disuise, I have found old silverware chests at thrift stores often, and many are the correct size to hold a laptop (once you rip out the silver-holding bracket thingies (quite easy).

Hopefully, mine will be of a similar feel as this:


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