Monday, March 7, 2011

Ninth Ward Bar, NYC

I'm not sure what to think of a New York City bar named after the most Hurricane Katrina devasted area of New Orleans, but I do like how it looks:

To note: The woodwork, the flooring, the lanterns.

Love the cast iron registers used to light the stairs.

Beautiful back lit stained glass.

See more pictures at Eater NYC.

I seem to be on a bar/restaurant kick. If you know of any others with strong steampunkish design, comment here or send me a note. Thanks!


be_slayed said...

This actually looks amazingly like a bar in New Orleans (in the Ninth Ward) that I visited many years ago (1997).

TwisterB said...

I think I sent you an e-mail ages ago about this bar but I'm not certain you received it.

Its called the Hillhead Bookclub, and its in Glasgow, where I live.

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Being from New Orleans, I can tell you that it doens't look like anything you would find in the 9th Ward. It looks a LOT like House of Blues in the Quarter.

Masha-Tron said...

There's a new bar in West Seattle called Locol that has some great decor. Cast iron shelf brackets, old tools and typewriters, hanging light bulbs over the bar, etc.

Their website is all flash - so go to photos and there are a couple up.

C.J. Sully said...

I think Magic Time Machine in Dallas (and other locations) has some steampunk-ish decor. This chain has a bit of everything:

Teo said...

The following 2 places are in Chicago designed (I believe) by a group called alteregoform:



unfortunately, neither website does these places justice. Worth mentioning -- Ruxbin's bathroom door is a revolving darkroom door.

Teo said...

not a bar, but check out the Allsaints Spitalfields stores if you ever have a chance. Impressive stuff. Click on Soho at the link below to watch the video:

Bill said...

Oh man. That's what I want our basement to look like! I'd never leave.

Lawrence Halter said...

One of the bars that my friends and I have visited has a theme "steampunk" like this with the furniture made of architectural bronze. And the mood is set up with country music that relieves stress matched with beers. It's a really good place to hang out with both family and friends!

Kat said...

National Mechanics in Philadelphia is def steampunk -- lots of pipes and some taxidermy going on.


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