Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Empire State Building's Mural

To continue on the mural theme, David sent me a link to an article about the restoration of the Empire State Building's lobby at ShelterPop. It's mostly about the ceiling mural, which depicts a 1920s spin on a celestial sky with sunbursts and stars that resemble the industrial gears, cogs and wheels of the Machine Age.

Why haven't I ever been to the Empire State Building?


Rachell said...

oh, this is fantastic! i wonder how difficult it would be to replicate on a big canvas...

The Green Giant said...

Its a great building. Don't know how many times I have been. Its Art Deco, so that would be diesel-punk, but it doesn't matter. :) One of my favorite buildings.

José said...


I've been told that its lobby is awesome and one day I'd like to see it.

Best regards,


Lynne Rutter said...

i just visited nyc last month, and the ESB restoration is complete and the lobby is a fabulous sight to behold!
i also dropped in at the chrysler building to see its lobby, which was restored just 10 years ago- it has a fantastic figurative ceiling mural; i posted pictures here: http://www.lynnerutter.com/2009/11/chrysler-ceiling-mural-quick-look.html


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