Friday, August 21, 2009

Triangular Smith Tower

I'm off on vacation, to the city that is the home of this find by reader Pica Maloria: Smith Tower.

See the little pyramid at the top? Someone lives there!

It's not quite as cool as a clock tower, but it sure has character, with the pyramid shape echoed by the triangular windows.

According to the architect's website, it was a caretaker’s suite and an old water tower enclosure

Find out more at Seattlest or at Castanes Architects.

I'll post again in a week! See you then!


Memory said...

I think I like that even more than the clock tower apartments.

Erica Winberry said...

The apartment at the top of Smith Tower is nifty, but don't forget to check out the panoramas of the rest of the building, especially the Chinese Room:

Gunter said...

not as cool as the clocktower? Then you didn't see that the glass ball at the very top is a itty bitty room.

Ryan said...

Welcome to Seattle and enjoy yourself, if you look hard you will find a lot more little oddities ike this in out fair city

emeraldcityminiatures said...

I live a couple miles from the Smith Tower and have always known about the living quarters, but thanks to you I now know what it looks like inside. I sure hope you enjoyed yourself while here. Next month is the miniature show, will you be attending?

Jenn B. said...

I worked in the Smith Tower when I lived in Seattle. The elevators inside are still their original pull-lever design, requiring an operator. The copper paneling inside is now worth more than the building itself. :)

Annie said...

We're very proud of this building in Seattle. When it was built it was the tallest skyscraper in the world outside NYC. To me the most steampunk-esque features are the original 1914 brass-and-copper caged elevators. They're the last manually operated elevators on the west coast.
Fun facts: Builder L.C. Smith was the Smith in "Smith Corona" typewriters. It's only been washed once -- our Seattle rain keeps it clean & white! :)

Lynne Rutter said...

i'd love to live up there!


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